We are pleased to introduce SimplaFYI, a community that supports your personal health and wellbeing.  

SimplaFYI partners with integrative care practitioners of acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, meditation/mindfulness, nutrition coaches and yoga.

 Studies have proven that people who utilize these services have success in managing some chronic diseases, reducing stress, increasing mobility, improving balance and contributing to overall wellbeing.

Access to the SimplaFYI Community provides you with preferred pricing to SimplaFYI vetted practitioners, ability to rate your experience, bi-monthly news briefs on health and wellbeing and invitations to our events. 

SimplaFYI, in partnership with University Family Medicine, is offering access to the SimplaFYI Community FREE for the next six months.  All you pay is preferred pricing for the practitioners you see.  

We are confident you will discover that integrative care will improve your health and wellbeing.  After the six months trial you will have the opportunity to continue participating in the SimplaFYI Community at an annual rate of $59.99. 

We will be hosting open houses over the next few weeks that will feature practitioners who will provide education and demonstrations of their services.  Stay tuned for more details.

We encourage you to come, learn and explore how these practitioners can support your health and wellbeing.  We think of them as an extension of our care team and hope you will too, because caring for yourself is a priority for all of us!

Access to the SimplaFYI portal:

1. Type www.simplafyi.com in your browser
2. Select My Account in the upper right corner
3. Select Register
4. Complete the Let’s Get Started page
5. Select Continue at the bottom
6. Complete the Getting to Know You page
7. Select Save
8. Read and accept the Terms of Use
9. Select Sponsor
10. Use Sponsor code:UNI161103SP01(this is University Family Medicines unique code)
11. You are now able to search for practitioners and make suggestions.Once you have a service, you can rate our practitioners
12. You will receive our bi-monthly Wellbeing News
13. You will be invited to attend our events

Questions?  E-mail Kathleen at krepoli@simplafyi.com or Wendy at wkaiser@simplafyi.com.