Our phone lines are open from Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5:00 pm.  Same day sick appointments are available throughout the day the day.  If your primary care provider is not in the office, you will be scheduled with another provider that will attend to your sick visit. 

It is important that you will call us 24 hours in advance to cancel any appointments.  There is a $50.00 charge for missed physical appointments and $25.00 for follow-up and sick appointments.  Because we do our best to accommodate all of our patients with scheduling appointments, we do ask that you have the courtesy to not have us hold time slots that could be available for others to be seen.

Be sure to also book your annual physical or wellness check visit at the time of your appointment for the following year.  It will be here before you know it!

Bring your insurance card to each appointment for verification.  We also ask that you bring a list of all your current medications.  Even medications that were prescribed by other specialists/providers. 

Copayments are collected at the time of your visit. 

Please be advised that if you have not been seen in over 3 years, you would be considered a new patient.  The provider will need to be asked if you can be seen.  Please call the office manager if you have any questions.