Our nurse care manager is available to work with you as well!

  • Provide health education
  • Assist with patient self-management
  • Manage/Review medication
  • Assist with community resources

Available by appointment Mon-Fri 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Behavioral Health

 To provide comprehensive patient centered medical services to our patient population.

Our goal is to increase the quality of life for the individuals and families under our care through the delivery and coordination of family and patient centered health care services.  Our care will be of superior quality, compassionate, fully accessible and cost effective.  We will do this in an environment that encourages a cooperative team approach where each person is valued, respected, and has an opportunity for personal and professional growth. 

Please call us to schedule a visit with your provider.  We have a behavioral health referral team that also assists patients with appointments!

Physician Responsibility

  • Provide medical treatment within standard of care
  • Obtain consent for procedures and treatments
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Provide continuity of care

Patient Responsibility

  • Provide complete medical history
  • Request information and/or clarification about your treatment
  • Follow agreed upon treatment plan
  • Keep appointments
  • Meet financial obligations

Non-compliance with patient responsibilities may result in patient dismissal from practice.

Patient & Provider

Nurse Care Manager

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